11 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law Trailer is here!

  1. Thanks Peaches….Nancy and I are both crying. It looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of it but I will be sure to bring a box of kleenex. Your dad I know is beyond PROUD !!!! xoxoxo MUFFIN

  2. I really want to see this! Very touching list both my parents this year and I can relate to
    Wanting to honor thier memory thru them..lovely…Marlene. I’m in California so will have yo wait fir it to
    Go on line or come near my remote area on the coast !

    • Sorry Marlene – a bit slow in responding. We are working on touring the film to festivals and other venues (applying now – wish us luck!). If you want to be notified about screenings near you just send us an email with your info and I will add you to a list. Otherwise we will post info here and on social media when it is available for purchase.

      Thanks for your support!

    • Thanks so much! We are proud of Megan and the film. Send us an email at murphyslawfilm@hotmail.com telling us where you are and we can add you to a list of people to notify if/when we are in your area screening the film. We are hoping to tour the film around North America and Ireland. We are applying to lots of festivals. Wish us luck! Once the tour is done (in a year or so) then we will be able to make the film available to purchase. Keep following the website or our social media to get the info on that when it is available.

  3. What a lovely and very emotional film.I watched it at Mount Melleray.I would like to purchase,could you please tell me how .

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