It’s a SUHR thing!

Many people were asking how they could get a copy of the song “Pilot Light” that plays in my film. Well, it’s now available on iTunes! Go and download this beautiful song, support the magical Kate Suhr and buy her EP while you’re there! Thank you from the bottom of my little heart Kate, for channeling my journey into music. Go shine your Pilot Light!!

Click here to buy Pilot Light on iTunes

Check out these pictures of the recording session. Music producer, James McKenty, set us up on the stage at Showplace Peterborough. The incomparable Rob Phillips, played piano, while Kate was tucked into a sound proof doorway to record lyrics. As a non-musician myself, I was in awe of their combined talent! Thank you all for being a part of this crazy venture! I am blessed beyond measure….which is 4×4….see, I made a music joke.




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