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Megan Murphy has had an interesting and varied career in the performing arts for over two decades. Since graduating from York University’s Fine Arts program, she has worked as an actor in both the Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario,  film, television and theatre scenes. For more than a decade, she was a morning show co-host on two Peterborough radio stations, 93.3 MyFM and 107.9 Classic Rock and an afternoon drive co-host on Oldies 96.7. Megan received the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership in 1998. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program and of the Documentary Filmmaking Institute at Seneca College. Her short film, Shelf Life, won an audience choice award at the Peterborough ReFrame Film Festival. Her short doc, Towns End, won the audience choice award at the VOX Popular Film Festival in 2018. Murphy’s Law is her first feature film and was honoured with the award for Best Documentary at the Fingal Film Festival in Ireland in 2016.

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  1. July 2, 2014. Cartmel, United Kingdom. Today on the anniversary of my brother, your Dad, Marty’s passing, I am signing up as a follower of this odyssey.I believe your blog will be a conduit for wit, wisdom – and, most importantly, whimsy! Venture on. Your Da would be pleased.

    • Anne: Serendipity! What I always try and leave room for in my life and in my travels! Do you remember me? Mary Jo Guinan of Omaha, NE. We met at Iskeroon in 2005 when you were on your way to Dingle with (as I remember it) your brother’s ashes(?) and to view the memorial chair that you had placed there for him. We corresponded a few times afterwards – you sent me “The Holy Land” and I sent you “McCarthy’s Bar.” Well, small world that it is – my husband and I just returned from a month’s vacation in Ireland (Co. Kerry) where we visited Iskeroon again (as we always do when we are in Ireland) and also stopped by Slea Head and saw Marty’s chair (on July 15th. This is the second time we visited the site – the other being in September 2010. I was so impressed with your story of your brother and all that I never forgot you and your mission. Now to get to the “small world” connection — my friend who was with us this year, upon our return home, Googled Marty Murphy and came across Megan and her journey and her Blog. I have been in the process all afternoon of looking up my notes from our meeting in 2005 and, thankfully, had saved our email correspondence. I was going to email Megan and tell her all of this and ask about YOU, and then I stumbled across your July 2, 2014 comment. So, here were are 10 years after our first meeting and, I hope, reconnecting. I so look forward to hearing from you and I do want Megan to know of this connection. I have pictures from 2010 and this past year of me/my husband and I at the memorial.

      Best regards, Mary Jo

  2. All the best on your journey Megan, Ireland will change you forever and you will feel
    your Dad watching over you. I was lucky enough to visit this piece of heaven in 2012
    It was my “happy place” to go to when I suffered a heart attack and needed surgery last year.
    It will be the most powerful thing you’ve ever done !!

  3. Anxious to read your updates….what a remarkable journey. Be open, be safe, be joyful…..and …..have a terrific time.

  4. Get your butt back on that bike now girl, we are all pulling for you. How could things possibly go wrong with such a great set of business cards in your possession?

    The Package Plus Gang.

  5. Michel envisions a Pythonesque journey around Ireland with you carrying your bicycle. Can you find someone to clop coconut shells?

    • Heyyyy it’s my Package Plus Posse!! Triple P’s!!! You have no idea how handy these business cards have been! Thank you fellas! Love to the whole gang and to Marion too! Behave yourself on your western adventure Bruce! xo

  6. Hey! Da Blagg eez assome gal. Oy looves ya more dan you looves yer guiness. Oy allso looves da self doot yoor admitten yer feelin’ cause it’s moore real and fool of dramma. Fuk da heeroism. Peddle er dunt. Just keep ann Blaggin’ gal. An stay aloyve fer fuk. xo Dee Oyrish loovin’ Jew. :0)

  7. Hey Megs… your 313 girls r cheering u on. If u need us just email or heck call me & I will except the charges…lol. we will be waiting for you when u get back with a drink in hand to hear all about your journey. Love u to the moon & back :0)

  8. Meg, you are incredibly inspiring. I wish you much love and respect. Enjoy your journey, create some fantastic memories, and enjoy them. Safe travels and I will continue to enjoy following your journey.
    Safe travels xx

  9. Hi Meg, Its Saturday and I’m sitting at my desk at the station…seriously not where i should be on a gorgeous day! Meg, i am lovin your blog and relishing in your journey. You make me laugh and contemplate my own family history and what my future adventure should be. You are a lovely writer and well, we know you have great humor. The journey may be difficult at times but it sounds like the ride is amazing…stay the course. Louanne

  10. Your mom and dad have always been a massive inspiration to me in my life Megan, and now you are inspiring me with your daily posts and pics of your journey. All the best girl! Luv and hugs from Cayman, Kimx

    • My dear Kim! I was just talking about you the other day – reminiscing about the time we kept pranking each other at the bank. And the stink bomb that went horribly awry and caused an evacuation of the entire branch! Not quite the same as when you worked with Da, but good times nonetheless! Thank you for always being such a huge support to all of us. Love to you! xo

  11. Hi Meg. I love your blog. You are a very gifted writer and I feel we are right there with you. I can also feel Maryanne and Marty’s spirit as you speak. Love to your family and keep up the good work!

  12. Meg I have just discovered your blog and find it truly inspiring and fascinating. My husband who hails from Dublin, myself, daughter Kelly and her husband are leaving next week for the green isle. Kelly wants to see the places her father once frequented. (We are also going to the Dingle area and will watch for your Da’s chair.)
    So I understand your feelings. I will follow your journey and catch up with your previous blogs with much interest.

    • Hey Christine! Thank you for reaching out! Have an incredible time in the Emerald Isle – I think I’ve left it relatively unharmed!! Definitely look for Da’s chair! It’s on the Slea Head drive, right above Coumeenole Beach – where Ryan’s Daughter was filmed. There’s a car park there and the chair is at the end of the car park on the way down to the water. You can see the Blasket Islands from there. Just before Dunquin. It’s a grand spot indeed! Safe travels! xo

  13. Paul and I are following your journey with great interest Megan. I was sharing your story over a bottle of wine with a bevy of girlfriends one evening a few weeks back at the cottage and it turns out one of them knew your father! Her name is Deb Austin – she’s from Toronto originally but is now a sitting judge in the Sarnia region. Not totally clear how she knew so much about Marty but also mentioned another person who knew your mom and dad that would want to know about the trip . . . small world. I met Deb a few years back on an awareness trip to Haiti and we’ve been friends ever since. I shared the blog link with her . . . . she was thrilled. Heading up to Muskoka Monday to visit your Uncle Joe & Aunt Susan . . . watch your ears will be burning as I enthusiastically gush with respect about your current travels.

    Looking forward to future blog postings my dear.
    Keep the faith

    • My dear Vic!! Small world indeed! I love that! Thank you for being such a strong supporter, it means more than I can say. And thanks for being such good friends to Joe and Sue. Looking forward to our paths crossing, maybe in Muskoka (!), someday soon! xo

  14. OMG…I remember the good times at the bank. They were the best with your 313 bitches. Looming forward to getting together wuth my bitches when u return Megs. Kim when r u home again in Peter Patch??? Would live to see u as well.

  15. Its was great to see you on Saturday! I would love to meet you for a pint or two and chat about your adventure this summer. I’m on FB or you should have my email below.

  16. Hi Megan,
    We saw your movie the other night in Port Hope.
    Yes, I should have brought Kleenex:)
    I identified myself at the Q&A as the proud father of 3 daughters & yes, we just returned from our first trip to Ireland recently.
    You touched both my wife & my souls!!
    “We have Whimsey in our family” keep inspiring other out there! We need more Megan Murhys in our lives. You go girl. Rick & Greta

  17. Ms Megan, I really enjoyed your ‘Murphy’s Law’ film last p.m. at Port Hope’s Capital Theatre. Great job starring and directing (!!) It was very special to meet you in person on the snowy sidewalk afterwards, and to hear you speak on the stage so candidly. Thank you for sharing your story!! You are beautiful! May you sense God’s Presence near, like a kind and faithful Heavenly Father, guiding you, comforting and healing, as you invite Him along on your journey. Even through deep valleys and hard climbs, He loves you and promises to be with you. May His Word be to you, ‘…a lamp to (your) feet and a light to (your) path.’ Psalm119:105. All the best, dear lady!! 🙂 Heidi

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