She Made A Living, Loving


This turn of phrase catches me off guard. “She made a living, loving”. I stuff my sopping Kleenex between my crossed thighs and forage in the depths of my purse for a pen. I’ve never felt compelled to take notes during a memorial service before.  I’ve also never heard anyone describe a vocation in that way before either. I want to remember it. I flip over my Order of Service bulletin and scribble that line on the bottom corner. By the time I’m done surreptitiously scrawling, there’s another to add;

“She saw the value in people before they saw it in themselves.”

Listening to this eulogy for a dear friends mother, I felt simultaneously uplifted, that a woman like that had existed, and yet deeply regretful, that I hadn’t known her better.

This celebration of life was among the most profound I’ve ever witnessed, (and let’s be honest, I’m of Irish Catholic decent, throwing a good funeral is our specialty)! It was the perfect combination of this world and the next, of angelic voices and hand cut wild flowers, of the enigmatic and the grounded. It was over 40 degrees in the church, the packed congregation was sticky with sweat and tears and yet, when it was over, not a soul moved, for fear of being the first to break the sacred experience.

While sitting in the company of death, I have been taught many lessons in how to live. Today was no exception. I witnessed a life that continues to make ripples even after it has ended. It was inspiring and made me want to do better. It made me want to be the kind of person who makes a living, loving. To be someone who sees the value in everyone before they see it in themselves. To leave a room positively and profoundly impacted, even after you’ve left the party yourself. May we all live lives worthy of such a send-off.

Much love.


10 thoughts on “She Made A Living, Loving

  1. Oh Megan thanks for sharing, I love the way you write – it inspires me! Hope all is going well, much love, Pat

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  2. Dear Megan, You are so talented and perceptive. My life is always better for you being in it. What a special story. I’m with you on the Irish Catholic Funerals being an O’Brien and all. Loads of best wishes for all of your adventures. Take care, Deb

  3. This is beautiful, Meagan. Thank you for sending it.

    My own observation over the years has been that I seldom attend a funeral without learning something about the person I wish had know when they were alive.

    Thank you, too, for taking on the United Way campaign. They could not have found a better person.


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  4. ‎This is lovely, Megan. Thank you. Congratulations on your new responsibility with United Way. Claire Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network. From: Murphy’s Law – A Documentary FilmSent: Friday, July 20, 2018 6:18 PMTo: clarified2000@yahoo.comReply To: Murphy’s Law – A Documentary FilmSubject: [New post] She Made A Living, Loving

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    Meg Murphy posted: ” 

    This turn of phrase catches me off guard. “She made a living, loving”. I stuff my sopping Kleenex between my crossed thighs and forage in the depths of my purse for a pen. I’ve never felt compelled to take notes during a memorial service before.  “

  5. Thanks Meghan for sharing all your wonderful thoughts . Good luck with United WAy . They are so lucky to have such a wonderful leader . Enjoy this lovely summer . We are off to the heat in THe OLE Country. L O L Margaret & Donxx

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